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Employment Discrimination

Practice Overview (Litigation)

At Callender Law, we are very passionate about redressing employment discrimination and the harms caused thereby, and ensuring that our clients get fair treatment from their employers. We are absolutely committed to helping our clients obtain relief from their employers for any harm suffered by employment discrimination because:

  1. employment discrimination based on gender, race, age, disability, and ethnicity is illegal under both Federal and Texas law, and

  2. we believe that every person deserves employment opportunity free of illegal discrimination

The law provides redress for anyone who has experienced any of the following forms of discrimination in employment:

  1. Sex/ Gender Discrimination (including Pregnancy Discrimination and FMLA-based Discrimination)
  2. Race Discrimination
  3. National Origin Discrimination
  4. Sexual Harassment
  5. Racial or Ethnic Harassment
  6. Age Discrimination
  7. Disability Discrimination
  8. Religion-based Discrimination
  9. Retaliation
  10. Wrongful Termination or Wrongful Discharge

Contact us today if you have suffered employment discrimination, whether on the job (by your present or former employer) or in the job application process. You need not be alone in your fight for your rights and you deserve respect. We know that employment discrimination can cause you to experience significant stress, anxiety, and a lack of self worth. We are sensitive to your situation and understand how you feel.

Because you must act quickly to preserve your rights, contact us immediately to schedule an appointment and take the first step to redress the harm you suffered due to illegal discrimination. If we take your case, we will treat you fairly and respectfully, be your strongest advocate, and help you solve your legal issues in a cost effective manner. Please read our privacy policy and terms of use before contacting our firm.