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Immigration Law


America is a nation of immigrants, and this is the source of our strength and success as a nation. For centuries, the brightest and the best from all around the world brought their talents, ingenuity, and motivations to America, and we are the better for it. Because of immigrants, we are the most innovative, inspiring, hopeful, and prosperous country on the planet.

The Callender Law Firm is committed to helping resolve immigration issues for both individuals and employers. From the moment of your first contact with Callender Law, and as our client, we will treat you with respect, professionalism, and courtesy, and will work very hard and do our best to resolve matters in your favor.

For Individuals

Dealing with matters of immigration relating to legal status, family relations, and employment is very stressful for most people. Callender Law’s goal is to relieve that stress and eliminate the uncertainty that contributes to it. We are here to assist you whether you want to:

  • Apply for a Green Card (Obtain Permanent Residence);
  • Remove conditions on your Green Card;
  • Become a naturalized US citizen;
  • Get a re-entry permit;
  • Obtain an unlawful presence waiver;
  • Help a relative or family member immigrate to the US;
  • Get an advance parole card;
  • Get employment authorization;
  • Get a travel document for travel outside the US;
  • Fight a deportation or removal order;
  • Seek asylum;
  • Request consideration for Deferred Action for Child   Arrivals (“DACA”); or
  • Obtain resolution to any other immigration matter.

For Employers/ Businesses

Callender Law’s immigration practice focuses on helping businesses resolve labor shortages by legally hiring foreign-born employees and complying with applicable laws and regulations. We are here to assist US employers who want to:

  • Hire foreign nationals for short-term employment in the US;
  • Sponsor an employee for US permanent residency;
  • Hire highly specialized foreign workers under the H-1B Specialty Occupations program for engineers, scientists, or computer programmers; or
  • Obtain resolution to any other business-related immigration matter.

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